Surgical Services

Veterinary Surgical Services

As part of the IACUC review process, all preoperative, surgical and postoperative procedures are reviewed by the veterinary staff. As part of the review and approval process, the veterinary staff members insure that all personnel are adequately trained and competent to perform the surgical and postoperative care procedures. In addition, research staff intending to perform surgical procedures are trained and monitored by the veterinary staff to ensure the proper use of anesthetics, analgesics, and tranquilizers. Written guidelines regarding the selection and use of these agents for all species are provided.

Surgical Space and Equipment Fees

The use of DAR surgical facilities and anesthesia equipment are available on a fee for service basis. The special service fees for use of space and equipment are charged to the principal investigator using a Special Services and Supplies Request form available in the DAR Business Office, HMR 215. Be prepared to provide a requisition or purchase order (P.O.) number and the signature of the PI or authorized representative.

Surgical Services Fees

Project–related consulting and assistance with surgical procedures, anesthesia support services, and post–operative care is provided by the DAR veterinary staff upon request. DAR veterinarians provide these services on a fee for service basis by arranging for these services prior to initiating the research project.

For information on surgical services provided by the DAR please contact us and ask to speak with a veterinarian.

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