Service Fee Schedule

Effective July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016

Chronic/Acute Cat, Dog, and NHP Conditioning

Call for Price.
Charges will include actual veterinary costs such as inoculations, medical treatment(s), diagnostic laboratory services, special exercising requirements, etc.

Hourly Rates for Services

Veterinarian: $129.00/hr
Animal Health Technician: $44.00/hr
Laboratory Animal Technician: $44.00/hr
Laboratory Animal Supervisor: $70.00/hr
These prices are for normal working hours Monday — Friday. A surcharge may be imposed for after–hours service.

Surgical Room Usage

Surgery room use: $31.00/hr
Surgery material fee: $15.50 minimum
Anesthesia Machine: $31.00/hr
Anesthesia Machine w/ventilator: $44.00/hr
Autoclave — per run: $20.00
Instrument Use (Small Pack): $20.00
Instrument Use (Large Pack): $37.00

Diagnostic Laboratory Fees

click for DAR Diagnostic Fees


Administrative Service and Quarantine Service Fees (Rodent Imports): $380.00

Shipping Service Fees (Rodent Exports):
Administrative service and health certificate (Domestic shipments): $252.00
Administrative service and health certificate (Foreign shipments): $293.00
Shipping container (each): $25.00 minimum
Technician time to pack animals: $44.00/hr

Truck usage: $37.00 plus cost of driver at $44.00/hr

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