USC Per Diem Rates



These rates are for USC Faculty using

USC research accounts.*

July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017




Cat   $8.88
Chick   $0.83
Chicken   $2.74
Dog   $14.92
Ferret   $8.61
Guinea Pig   $2.14
Hamster   $0.95
Mouse (Standard Housing)   $0.96/cage
Mouse (Quarantine Housing)   $1.42/cage
Mouse (Sterile Housing)   $1.23/cage
Primate   $14.74
Rabbit   $3.93
Rat   $1.79/cage
Rat (Sterile Housing)   $1.12/ea
Rat (Quarantine Housing)   $1.35/ea
Reptile   $1.09
Swine   $17.18


* Research accounts are those that begin with a “1”, “2”, “5”, or “8”.

** For other species, contact the Business Office or


On arrival, all incoming animal orders will have a “set-up” or “first day” surcharge of double the per diem rate for the first day. Exceptions are:

For mouse $0.42/mouse for the first day

For rats $0.90/rat for the first day


The majority of mice and rats are housed under standard housing conditions. Quarantine housing rates for rodents include additional protective equipment and procedures and preventive treatments of animals during the quarantine period. Sterile housing conditions include individual sterilization of all filter top cages and items within the cage. Sterile cages are always handled within a laminar flow change station to maintain sterility. This housing condition is applied upon the request of the investigator or if required by the IACUC or attending veterinarian for animals that are highly immunodeficient.

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