Ordering Drugs and Supplies

The DAR maintains an inventory of commonly used veterinary drugs and supplies. Drugs are only sold in accordance with a Protocol Synopsis form that is approved by the USC IACUC. Controlled drugs are dispensed in restricted amounts. Accurate record keeping and suitable storage facilities in accordance with DEA regulations are required. We encourage all principal investigators (PIs) who use controlled drugs to apply for an individual DEA license.

Items are sold at cost plus a service fee and are charged directly to the principal investigator’s DAR business account number. Drugs and supplies not on hand may be ordered specifically for an investigator. There is no additional charge for this service, but in such instances, shipping and handling may also be applied.

Check out our list of Anesthetic, Analgesic and Tranquilizer Dosages (Excel Document) for dosage information on common laboratory species.

To Order Project-related Veterinary Drugs and Supplies

Step 1

Review your approved USC IACUC Protocol Synopsis form.

If the veterinary drug or supply you are requesting is not listed on the form contact the IACUC Administrator in the DAR Director’s Office to inquire about filing a protocol amendment.

Step 2

Obtain and complete a Special Services and Supplies Request form available in the DAR Business Office.

Be prepared to provide a requisition or purchase order (P.O.) number and the signature of the PI or authorized representative. Submit this form to the DAR Business Office.

Step 3

Pick up your order.

A DAR staff person will call you, using the contact number provided on the request, when the drug or supply is ready for pickup. Orders are generally filled within 24 hours if the drug is in stock and are available for pickup in the DAR Director’s Office unless alternate arrangements have been made.

Please feel free to contact the DAR and ask to speak with a veterinarian if you have questions about ordering veterinary drugs and supplies.

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