Diagnostic Laboratory Services

The USC Veterinary Diagnostic and Disease Surveillance Laboratory (VDDSL) provides diagnostic services to the clinical veterinary, technical, and research staff for the diagnosis of spontaneous diseases in laboratory animals. The laboratory also provides services relating to investigation of problems related to experimental models, and laboratory staff can advise investigators on diagnostic services available at USC or outside laboratories in support of their research projects.

The VDDSL has equipment and staff to perform basic gross necropsies, bacteriologic culture and identification and parasitologic examination of clinical specimens, with an emphasis on rodent health surveillance for infectious diseases that may impact research results. Basic hematology, clinical chemistry, cytology, urinalysis, mycologic culture, antimicrobial sensitivity, clinical pathology and histopathology services can be obtained for clinical specimens and tissues submitted through the VDDSL to outside diagnostic laboratories specializing in laboratory animals (such as Charles River Diagnostics and Antech Diagnostics).

Diagnostic Laboratory Services Submission Form

To secure VDDSL services please complete and return a VDDSL service request form to the DAR Business Office.

If you have any questions on completing the VDDSL service request form or any other questions pertaining to diagnostic laboratory services, please contact the DAR and ask to speak with a veterinarian.

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