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Investigator Manual

Breeding Policy

Rodent Biologics Policy

Standard Operating Procedures
The Department of Animal Resources standard operating procedures are now available on this web site for your information. The SOP document is linked above.

Tail Biopsy Policy
This IACUC approved policy describes the procedures for when and how to take a sample for genotyping

Body Condition Score
The Body Condition Score (BCS) allows you to more precisely evaluate the general condition and health of your animals when body weight is falsely elevated: for instance in tumor or ascites production studies.

Anesthetic and Analgesic Dosages
Anesthetic and Analgesic drug dosages are provided for your reference. It is highly recommended to consult a DAR veterinarian before the administration of these drugs.
Remember it is against federal guidelines to administer non-pharmaceutical grade drugs(i.e. Chemical grade drugs purchased from Sigma). These items must be purchased through the Department of Animal Resources.

Non-Pharmaceutical Grade Substances Policy

Euthanasia Policy

Tumor guidelines

Social Housing Policy

Test Cell Line

Cell Line and Biological Testing

Animal Health Information
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Mouse Phenotyping Resources

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