Problems and Complaints

How to Report Misuse, Mistreatment, or Noncompliance

If you have a question or concern regarding laboratory animal care and use at USC, please contact the Department of Animal Resources (DAR) Director.

If you observe misuse or mistreatment of animals, or if you see procedures that you do not think comply with federal regulations or institutional guidelines, report the incident immediately to the DAR Director or to the chair of the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) using the USC Animal Incident Report Form (also available from the DAR Director’s office). If you choose to remain anonymous, do not print or sign your name at the bottom of the Incident Report.

Once an allegation of mistreatment, misuse, or noncompliance is received, the IACUC will review and, if warranted, investigate the allegations. The IACUC then makes recommendations to the Institutional Official, who reviews the report and decides what action is needed.

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