Fully Costed Per Diem Rates


These rates are for accounts using purchase orders.

July 1, 2015 — June 30, 2016

Cat: $14.48
Chick: $1.37
Chicken: $4.46
Dog: $24.35
Ferret: $14.05
Guinea Pig: $3.50
Hamster: $1.54
Mouse (standard housing): $1.56/cage
Mouse (quarantine housing): $2.32/cage
Mouse (sterile housing): $2.01/cage
Primate: $24.04
Rabbit: $6.42
Rat: $2.90/cage
Rat (quarantine housing): $2.20
Rat (sterile housing): $1.83
Swine: $28.02

On arrival, all incoming animal orders will have a “set-up” or “first day” surcharge of double the per diem rate for the first day except:
For mice $0.67 each
For rats $1.45 each
In addition, all purchases are subject to a 5% surcharge.

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