Billing Inquiries

Establishing Your Account
Your Monthly Statement

Establishing Your Account

University Funding (Accounts beginning with 1, 2, 5, or 8 )

To establish the appropriate funding with Animal Resources a 10-digit USC account must be submitted prior to ordering any animals or services. The account number should be sent via email to and must contain the Principal Investigator’s name and the protocol number. You may submit the account number by fax to (323) 442–3349. Monthly statements are mailed and all charges applied through the CORES system.

Other Funding

When using a purchase order, please forward the original to the Business Office at the beginning of your project clearly outlining the duration and total amount of funds. Per diem rates for purchase orders can be found at Fully Costed Per Diem Rates. Animal protocols and investigator’s name should be referenced in the body of the purchase order along with a contact telephone number. Any overdrawn purchase order will delay the purchase of animals, supplies or services until proper funding is documented and received in the Business Office. As with requisitions, purchase orders must be in good standing at all times and delinquent payments or insufficient funding could cause a denial of services.

Your Monthly Statement

Your monthly billing report will provide an itemized report of all charges for the month.

Purchased Items

The Purchased Items will indicate animal and supply orders by number and date. These are the actual costs incurred by Animal Resources. We do not bill for any charges until we have received an invoice from our supplier, therefore, charges may appear on statements for prior months.

Per Diem Charges

The Per Diem charges are designated by room and by building. These charges are calculated by the number of animals or cages, the number of days in the month, by the current USC Per Diem Rates. Animals are charged for the first and last days that they are counted by the Animal Husbandry staff on a daily basis and reported for billing once a month. Per Diem reports are submitted to the business office at the end of each month. The billing report indicates the census activity at the bottom of the last page for each month showing beginning and ending balances by building and by room.

Animal First Day or Setup Fee

Animal First Day or Setup Fee is the one additional day per diem per animal charge levied on all animal orders to prepare and receive animals. The animal purchase and per diem request number is your reference number for these charges.

Special Service Charges

Special Service charges are for costs related to medication/ material orders, Animal Husbandry, and laboratory diagnostics. These services are available on a fee for service basis. These charges reference a request number and the date the service was performed. Copies are provided with each billing report to reference when reviewing the statement.

Surcharges are any additional fees levied to accounts using a purchase order or “7” accounts and are added to both animal orders and per diem rates.

Surgical and Non-surgical Procedures

If you plan to perform procedures on non-rodent animals and need veterinary assistance, then please read the following Surgery or Procedure Charges and Terms of Agreement before contacting a veterinarian. Please understand that if you contact the DAR office before reading and signing this form then you will be referred back to this page. Surgical procedures include those that involve an incision. Non-surgical procedures are those that may involve anesthesia, post-op care, training in how to do the procedure by the veterinary staff, injections, or any other manipulation that does not involve making an incision.

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